Tough climbs, flowing downhills, impressive mountain experiences. And as a highlight for your calves: the Stoneman Taurista!


    Tough climbs, flowing downhills, impressive mountain experiences. And as a highlight for your calves: the Stoneman Taurista!


(E-)mountain biking between Dachstein and Tauern

Flachau valley is idyllic. The countryside is shaped by the river Enns, which rises at the valley's head; by lush alpine meadows, wooded ridges and wide valley floors. Then beyond are majestic mountains with towering rocky peaks. This is a place made for (e-)mountain biking – at all levels.


Great bike routes and mountain magic

<p>Mountain bike paradise Flachau - up the Salzburg mountains</p> ©

Mountain bike paradise Flachau - up the Salzburg mountains

Get on your (e-)mountain bike

<p>Mountain biking in Flachau - an eventful day of biking awaits you!</p> © Flachau Tourismus

When we talk about (e-)mountain biking, we really mean it. Whether you power your mountain bike with nothing but muscle or opt for an e-mountain bike, the routes in and around Flachau are a joy for everyone who loves mountains and mountain biking.


The mountain biking region

<p>Flachau - a paradise for all mountain bikers</p> © Flachau Tourismus

The area in and around Flachau has a varied and well-signposted network of over 500 km of trails. Discover a great range of routes.

With multiple e-bike charging stations along the routes and cosy huts and mountain inns where you can take a break and recharge your own metaphorical batteries, nothing stands in the way of a great (e-)mountain bike trip.

Find your favourite routes

Looking for the sporting challenge of the summits – complete with aching muscles? Flachau has just as much to offer here as for those who prefer a more relaxed enjoyment of nature. Tough day trips and popular "alp classics". Perfect for training, extra trips and warm-down trips.  Good to know: mountain biking maps are available free of charge from the tourist office.


Stoneman Taurista

Are you ready for a very special mountain bike challenge?
If so, the Stoneman Taurista is just what you've been looking for.

Discover the ultimate biking experience in the heart of the Salzburg mountains:
a distance of 123 kilometres, a total ascent of 4500 metres and stunning 360° panoramic views
of the Alps make for an unforgettable adventure.

Flachau: the best for mountain bikers

We promise the perfect mountain biking holiday in the Salzburg mountains.

That promise means the best mountain biking infrastructure and mountain bike-friendly accommodation – and an absolute highlight in the Stoneman Taurista trail.

Our great mountain biking infrastructure

<p>Biking with friends in Flachau in the Salzburg mountains</p> © Flachau Tourismus
  • 45 carefully planned and clearly detailed routes
  • mountain bike centre with bike hire and service
  • daily guided mountain bike tours for two levels of difficulty
  • extensive information and material on routes
  • mountain bike course
  • pump track

Accommodation with mountain bike expertise

<p>Flachau offers many mountain bike tours</p> © Flachau Tourismus

Our "Best for mountain bikers" hosts offer the perfect environment for mountain biking holidays in Flachau. They provide:

  • cosy rooms/apartments
  • bike garage and bike washing area
  • bike workshop
  • laundry service for mountain biker clothing
  • material & advice on routes
  • mountain biker-friendly food and much more.