Ready for a real adventure? The Stoneman Taurista awaits you with 123 kilometres of pure mountain bike action!


    Ready for a real adventure? The Stoneman Taurista awaits you with 123 kilometres of pure mountain bike action!


Stoneman Taurista

Looking for a unique challenge? Then head to Flachau and the Stoneman Taurista! Here, in the heart of the Salzburg mountains, is the ultimate mountain bike adventure: a distance of 147 kilometres and a massive total ascent of 4700 metres through idyllic alpine valleys, past shimmering mountain lakes and magnificent views. Soak in the stunning 360° panorama of the Alps.The Stoneman Taurista is Austria's highlight tour for MTB enthusiasts.

Expected start of the season: 06.06.2024

147 km of mountain bike passion

The route

The exclusive Austrian edition of the Stoneman is designed in 3 stages, leading from Flachau to Wagrain-Kleinarl to the Penkkopf and the Baierwaldstraße back to Flachau. Via Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, the route goes up to the 1768 m high Rossbrand near Radstadt. At the top is a magnificent 360° panoramic view of 150 striking Alpine peaks such as Dachstein, Bischofsmütze and the Hohe Tauern range with the Großglockner. Winding south at 1860 m, the Stoneman Taurista passes through picturesque alpine landscape around Oberhüttensee lake, nestled between the rugged mountains of the Schladminger and Radstädter Tauern ranges. The Stoneman Taurista mountain bike challenge also passes through the winter sports paradise of Obertauern up the 2110 m Königsanstieg ("King's Ascent") and back to Flachau.


Feel the Stoneman spirit

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Enjoying the journey

Every route has its own history and everyone who travels it makes their own unique memories.

For me, the Stoneman Taurista was a real test of endurance – but the memories of the striking countryside and the pride I still feel today remain, because I know that I really managed to complete the silver Stoneman Taurista.

Starter packs

CARD starter pack

Ideal für Finischer/Wiederholer und Gruppenfahrer

The most important tools for your adventure:

  • Stoneman Taurista starter card and lanyard
  • Stoneman Taurista wristband
  • all up-to-date information for starters by e-mail
  • current GPS track by e-mail
  • entry on the finisher list
  • 10.00 euros voucher for Stoneman Taurista jerseys
  • upgrade to trophy and stone possible at any time

from 24.00 euros

CLASSIC starter pack

Chosen by over 80% of riders

The perfect preparation for your Stoneman Taurista adventure:

  • all benefits from the Card starter pack, plus
  • Stoneman Taurista starter bag
  • StoneMag.23 Taurista
  • latest Stoneman Taurista folding map 2023
  • Stoneman multi-functional bandana Taurista
  • Stoneman Taurista bottle by Bike24
  • AlpenPower energy bar - regional, sustainable, organic
  • Squirtlube dry chainlube
  • Riviera muscle & joint gel, emergency repair kit
  • Stoneman Taurista sticker
  • Environmentally friendly organic trash bag
  • Upgrade to trophy and stone possible at any time

from 39.00 euros

Collect your prize!

Most finishers are so happy about their ride that they of course take home the trophy designed by Stoneman founder Roland Stauder himself.

Those who have already mastered the Stoneman and have a trophy to prove it can add (another) unique Taurista stone.

Here is a list of all starter pack options:

  • CARD: 24.00 euros
  • CARD + STONE: 44.00 euros
  • CARD + TROPHY: 66.00 euros
  • CLASSIC: 39.00 euros
  • CLASSIC + STONE: 59.00 euros
  • CLASSIC + TROPHY: 79.00 euros



Stoneman Taurista accommodation partners

The Stoneman Taurista accommodation partners are perfect for mountain bikers:



They operate in close proximity to the Stoneman Taurista trail.

The particular location of the Stoneman Taurista and the Ennsradweg cycle route in the valley mean access is easy and does not involve a significant ascent. This allows cyclists to set out from one single guesthouse as their base – without baggage transfer.


The Stoneman partner establishments have a mountain biker-friendly infrastructure such as a bike wash, a bike garage and a mini workshop.


Starter pack:

Stoneman accommodation partners can provide the starter packs themselves. Once you have booked your accommodation, please also book the starter pack directly from the accommodation partner. To do so, follow the link provided in the booking confirmation you will receive when you make an online accommodation booking here with one of the following partners on this page. 


Where can you get your Stoneman Taurista starter package

You can get all information about the Stoneman Taurista at the Sport- und Aktivzentrum in Flachau. You can also pick up the starter package here during the Stoneman season, unless you have already booked it in a Stoneman  partner hotel. Outside of the opening times, please call in advance.




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Shuttle service

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