• Kickbike E-cruiser


What a party to ride our E-Cruisers. Thanks to a clever gas throttle system (one finger) and a large lithium battery you will have an additional 25-30 kilometer on pure electric power. It's very sensitive and smooth to operate, easy to learn and safe to control. The maximum speed (on electric) is 24 km/h and with a flat battery it will drive like a normal kickbike. So coming 'home' is never a problem. It brings you further with less energy, easy going or as we say: a life enjoyer!

DutChalet Auhof

Hundsdorfgasse 81
5542, Flachau
+31638189797 info@chaletauhof.com


FAQ / useful hints

What is the minimum age to drive a kickbike?
  • With the age of 15 you are allowed to drive a E-Cruiser accompanied by an adult. With 18 years you can cruise by yourself.
  • With a Freebike you have accompanied by an adult until you are 18 years old.


Chalet Auhof
Hundsdorfgasse 81
5542 Flachau