• Kickbike Fat Max


Meet our Kickbike Beast: the Fat Max. An absolute funny joy to ride him. With it's oversized wheels and tires you will experience maximum grip and amazing comfort. His allow frame gives very good stability and he is built to last. It is quick and still just 12 kg. Made for the mountains and offroad trails.

DutChalet Auhof

Hundsdorfgasse 81
5542, Flachau
+31638189797 info@chaletauhof.com


FAQ / useful hints

What is the minimum age to drive a kickbike?
  • With the age of 15 you are allowed to drive a E-Cruiser accompanied by an adult. With 18 years you can cruise by yourself.
  • With a Freebike you have accompanied by an adult until you are 18 years old.


Chalet Auhof
Hundsdorfgasse 81
5542 Flachau