Here we have compiled the answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

Where can I get my starter pack?

At the Stoneman logispartners:
The easiest way is to book your accommodation at one of the numerous Stoneman logispartners in Flachau - there you will receive your starter pack directly upon arrival.

At the official issuing offices:
There is also an official issuing office in Flachau where you can pick up your starter pack - please note the opening hours.

Where can I reserve my starter pack?

You can reserve your personal starter pack online on the official Stoneman website.

When can I collect my starter pack?

You can pick up your starter package the day before your planned ride from 4 pm. Or the day you start your MTB adventure.

Where can I finish? / Where do I get my Stoneman Trophy or my new Stone?

Where you received your starter pack.

When do I get the GPS data of the route?

The GPS data will be sent to you by email a few days before your ride.