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Fun sports in summer - variety is the spice of life
Fun sports in all varieties are in. And the best thing about it is you don't have to be super fit or a top athlete to do it. Participating in cool adventures safely and having fun together is much more important! Our considerate guides will make sure of that!
Segway - cool, fast and comfortable
Segway tour through the scenic landscape of the Flachau valley Whether you've decided on an informative trip around the village or you want to discover the countryside around Flachau, discovering it with the Segway is a unique experience. After a short introduction from our professional guides you can do a few laps on the test circuit and after a short time you'll soon have a feeling for this speedy sports device. Then there is nothing in the way of a great Segway tour!

It's on offer to anyone from 12 years old and children aged 10 years old only when accompanied by their parents.

Racing downhill with the mountain cart
Mountain cart in Flachau - an adventure for the whole family For all of you who love speed and adventure then a Mountain cart tour has to be part of your holiday. After an easy trip up the mountain with the bus, then once at the top there'll be a short explanation, time to put on your helmet quickly and then you're off. Over tree stumps, stones and roots you can whiz down to the valley at your own speed. On the first run down there are often short breaks where the guide will tell you about any "dangers" coming up in the following section. After a short while driving you will already feel more confident and let it run more, take the corners tighter, the wind whistles around your ears, ... At the end of the wild ride there's only one thing to do, catch your breath, then get in the bus again. This ride just feels like I need to do it again!

Kids from 8 years old can drive their own mountain cart, but one of their parents needs to be in the group. Smaller kids can ride with one of their parents on their mountain cart.

Mountaincart in Flachau - Fun pur bei jedem Wetter Tip from Florian Schwarzenbacher, Sport am Jet:  Action on non-sunny days

Mountain cart is an adventure, which you can enjoy on rainy days too!

We will provide you with our raingear and you can start!

Mountain skyving - the other type of rounding of a hiking trip
Mountain skyving in Flachau Imagine you're thinking about a hike in Flachau's gorgeous mountain scenery. Tired from the ascent but you're happy and fully content - you've climbed one mountain or another and really enjoyed being on the summit. But something's missing. The ultimate thrill perhaps? The perfect finishing touch! We've got an idea for you - how about mountain skyving? A wild ride down the mountain. This really special bike is made of aluminium and you can easily carry it up the mountain in your rucksack. Once you reach the top you will get a short instruction from your guide and then there's nothing to stop you from racing down the mountain.

Mountainskyve can be done by anyone older than 12 years old.

Lucky-flitzer - roller coaster ride with guaranteed fun
Lucky Flitzer - your alpine coaster in Flachau In Flachau you can toboggan all year round! Take a seat in your roller coaster for the ride up and you'll be carried to the top on rails. Once you get to the start the adventure can begin. Before you there are 5 loops and 2 jumps over a length of 1.100 metres. Further bumps and corners ensure you won't get bored easily. You can control the speed yourself - the maximum speed is 42 km/h. One ride often isn't enough for this unique fun ride. You will feel butterflies in your stomach as you want to take the next run even faster!

To ride the Lucky Flitzer you need to be at least 8 years old and 125cm tall. Children from 3 years old are only allowed to ride with an adult.

Reduction with the Gästekarte!

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Stand up paddeling
Stand up Paddeling in Flachau Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the summer hit where you can prove your skills and your sense of balance.

With the paddle in your hand you stand on a wobbly board and there's only the question who will win the competition at the swimming lake in Flachauwinkl.

For Stand Up Paddling you need to be able to swim well and be at least 10 years old.


Acrchery Parcours Flachau On Robin Hood's tracks ... take bow and arraw and enjoy the free nature, find the a great balance to the daily routine and stress of life - anyone can do it!

Archery Parcours:

Hermann Maier Adventures, PH: + 43 664 473 63 68