Summer holiday in Flachau in the province of Salzburg, Austria
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Wunderbar wanderbar:
Gipfelsturm und Almpartie

Flori’s adventure path: play, hike and rack your brains
Flori’s adventure path: fun and games for the whole family

The ideal walk for families on the Grießenkar. The starting point for the pushchair friendly circular tour is the Waldgasthof, which is directly next to the top station of Star Jet 1. Along the route, which takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours to walk around, you can expect to find alongside the quiz boards, lots of stations to play and have fun at including a flying fox, climbing wall, swings, a slide in the woods or even a cinema in nature.

Solve Flori’s riddle using the funny quiz book and there’s a small surprise for everyone who manages to solve the quiz correctly. You can pick up your copy of the quiz book and a pencil free of charge at the Waldgasthof, at the lift company or in the tourist office. Your reward is waiting for you at the Waldgasthof or in the tourist office.

Who can solve Flori’s riddle?
Along the way there are swings, slides, a climbing wall and even a cinema in nature
Kids love going on a journey of discovery with Flori
Flori's adventure trail - come with me