Flachau e-festival 2024

from 09.08.2024 to 11.08.2024

The E-Festival Flachau - an event that from August 9th to 11th, 2024, not only defines a weekend but encapsulates the lifestyle of Flachau's summer.

The impressive mountain scenery of Flachau becomes the stage for an unforgettable festival full of alpine joie de vivre. The weekend promises a harmonious combination of cool summer beats, e-bike adventures, and culinary highlights.

Imagine a world where music isn't just heard but lived. The E-Festival Flachau transports you into precisely that world. The air pulses with electrifying beats as festival-goers and e-bikers alike are enchanted by the extraordinary atmosphere and culinary experiences.

The festival epitomizes pure enjoyment in all its facets, forming a symphony of activities, relaxation, and adventure that together create a sound full of happiness.

Thus, the E-Festival Flachau is not just an event but an experience that embodies the essence of summer. Recharge your energy and let your heart dance as you feel the pulse of the moment in the best of company.


09.08.2024 - 10:00
10.08.2024 - 10:00
11.08.2024 - 10:00

Eventvenue / Meeting point

Flachau Tourismus

Hermann Maier Platz 1
5542, Flachau
0043 6457 2214 info@flachau.com http://www.flachau.com

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Flachau Tourismus