Finally housewife | NINA HARTMANN

at 27.09.2024 , Friday

From Multitasking to Yearning for Homemaker Bliss: The Life of Versatile Nina Hartmann

The life of Nina Hartmann - as an independent, self-confident, emancipated, sole-breadwinner, plant-caring woman, daughter, friend, hop-on hop-off single, actress, author, and cabaret artist - is tough: one must manage appointments, learn casting scripts, perform, fill in, deal with rejections, find new paths, write a screenplay, produce it, update Mom's phone, decipher parcel delivery slips, comfort friends, play the role of a sex advisor, date husbands, and give humorous interviews questioning whether women are even funny. Amidst all the doing, checking, and acting, there's still the urgency to whip up a press release for the next program, which no one bothers to read anyway. Nina Hartmann has had enough! She wants to finally be a homemaker!


27.09.2024 - 19:30

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