"Das Jazzbüro"

at 11.10.2024 , Friday

Unconventional Crossover: The Diverse Repertoire of 'das jazzbüro'

The 5-member collective could most aptly be described as an unconventional crossover of swing, groove, dixie, funk, and blues, or something similar... Musically, different styles are intentionally mixed and brought to the stage unfiltered. Spontaneity is always guaranteed. They play whatever feels fun at the moment – full throttle! When 'das jazzbüro' transforms into a 'mobile task force,' it's pure New Orleans feeling!

Chris Haitzmann (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals), Kurt Gersdorf (saxophones, clarinet, flute), Peter Fürhapter (double bass, saxophone), Christoph Prohaska (piano, guitar, banjo), Andy Grabner (drums, washboard)


11.10.2024 - 19:30

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Schloss Höch