• Salzburger Almenweg - Stage 17: Kogelalm/Wagrain – Flachau - Zauchensee

    Salzburger Almenweg - Stage 17: Kogelalm/Wagrain – Flachau - Zauchensee

Duration 9h
Length 24.09km
Max Altitude 1988m
Ascent 1380m
descent 1887m
Across one of the most beautiful alpine pastures in the region

from World Cup Town to World Cup Town.

Today, it is important to be well rested, because the way is long and demanding on this stage marked as black. If you have stayed at the Alpengasthof Kogelalm in Wagrain, you first have to walk or take a lift into the valley before you go uphill again from Flachau. At the foothills of the imposing Lackenkogel you walk over the Lackenalmen, where Scottish highland cattle graze at so-called "sky ponds". The Lackenalmen with their huts are a real gem and it is no coincidence that they are among the most beautiful of their kind in the upper Enns Valley. This is followed by a long high-altitude section over several peaks. The views are dramatically beautiful and for many experienced Alpine trail hikers, this stage is one of the most beautiful ever. Nevertheless, you should not dawdle too much, especially not if you want to cover the last section to the stage finish at Zauchensee by summer cable car, as the lift operation ends at 4pm. Overnight stays are in the World Cup town of Zauchensee, home of the former downhill world champion Michael Walchhofer.

Alpine Trail Peak Tour

Today's stage leads with a long high-altitude section over several peaks. If you have enough power in your calves, you can make an additional detour to the Lackenkogel directly after the Lackenalmen. Here, the 2,051 metre high summit rises high above the Alpine pastures. On root trails and between Blackberry perennials, it goes high up to this fantastic panoramic mountain from Altenmarkt, from where you can see as far as the Watzmann, the Grimming, the Sonnblick and the highest mountain in Austria, the 3,798 metre high Großglockner.

Alpine Trail History

Only around 50 people live in the World Cup town of Zauchensee during the summer months. One of them is the former ski racer Michael Walchhofer, who runs three hotels here with his extended family. It was also his grandfather who, as a simple farmer, proactively registered the first horse-drawn carriage transport in 1936 so that winter sports guests could be brought to Zauchensee with their luggage. For many years, the FIS Women's Ski World Cup Downhill has been held in Zauchensee at regular intervals.

Best season

More informations

From the stage start at the Alpengasthof Kogelalm, the Salzburg Alpine Trail leads downhill to Flachau. If you don't want to walk along the summer ski slopes or want to save time, take the lift down to the valley. The "Starjet 1+2" cable cars run from Whitsun to 2nd October 2022, daily from 9 a.m. In Flachau town centre, hikers can orient themselves well to the Church of the Conception of Mary. The Salzburg Alpine Trail leads directly past it, continues across the motorway and from there follows a section of the "Path of Good Wishes" to the Wechselmaisweg. Crossing this path, the trail leads moderately steeply uphill through the forest and then along the forest road to the Berggasthof Sattelbauer, which can be reached from Flachau in just over an hour's walk.

From here, a beautiful, but sometimes quite steep hiking trail leads first through the mountain forest, then on a goods path to the managed Lackenalm at the foot of the Lackenkogel (2,051 m). The Lackenalm is the last possible stop-off for the next 4 hours.

After the alpine pastures, the trail continues a short stretch slightly uphill to a black pond, which is also called "Himmelsteich" and in which the grazing animals like to refresh themselves. Here, the Alpine Trail branches off to the left and leads first steeply uphill before it then turns into a high-altitude path. At a fork in the trail, you could take the turnoff in the direction of Lackenkogel. The high-altitude trail, however, leads over four peaks and with fantastic panoramic views further south. The Alpine Trail leads up to the Seekarscharte (1,970 metres) via Hinterkogel (1,922 m), Rosskopf (1,930 m), Hirschköpfl (1,971 m) and Arche (2,060 m). After the Arche summit, it goes uphill again briefly, before trail No. 86 leads downhill into the Seekarkessel, where the managed Gamskogelhütte is located. And after this long tour, you have now earned a snack. However, if you do not want to cover the further descent to Zauchensee on foot, you should keep an eye on the clock. The 6-seater chairlift "Gamskogel" runs from 16th June to mid-September 2022 daily until 4 pm and takes hikers to Zauchensee, today's stage finish.

Variant 17a with stage start in Flachau.

Anyone who has already hiked to Flachau the day before has gained a small advantage. Since the Salzburg Alpine Trail leads directly past the beautiful baroque parish church of Maria Empfängnis in Flachau, there may still be time for a short morning devotion. Then, it continues according to the stage 17 description on to Zauchensee.

Variant 17b with shortened route to Zauchensee.

And if you want to shorten today's stage somewhat, there is the possibility to change down between Hinterkogel and Rosskopf on trail No. 86b to Zauchensee. This path leads halfway into trail No. 86, the official Alpine Trail route. With this shortcut you save about an hour of walking time, but there is no refreshment stop on the way on this route.

Refreshment and accommodation options

Berggasthof Sattelbauer (1,280 m), (after approx. 1 hour from Flachau), beginning of May to end of October, Tel.: +43 6457 2568 refresh.

Hinterkuchlbergalm (1,632 m) (after approx. 2 hours from Flachau), mid-June to mid-September, Tel.: +43 6452 5482 refresh. / Alpine summer hut

Gamskogelhütte (1,870 m) (after approx. 6 hours from Flachau), mid-June to mid-September, Tel.: +43 6452 4000-29 refresh.

To make sure your day in the mountains is an unforgettable experience, here you can find some tips to keep you safe in the mountains.

There is no public parking in Flachau, but it is possible to ask your booked accommodation whether you can park your car on-site. Please do not forget to leave the "Salzburger Almenweg" parking disc from the brochure in your car.

Flachau is easily accessible by public transport with the nearest train station in Radstadt, from where you can take the Postbus directly to the stop "Flachau Ortsmitte".

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