• Flachauwinkl Cross Country Slope

Duration 4h
Length 15.45km
Max Altitude 1020m
Ascent 135m
descent 135m
Medium-heavy cross country slope from the center of Flachau back to the valley end Flachauwinkl.
The gently ascending Flachauwinkl trail leads from the centre of Flachau past the Starjet and on to the Seestüberl. There you have the opportunity to take a short break for refreshments. The skating and classic trail continues to Flachauwinkl, where there are further cosy refreshment stops.
currently closed
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More informations

  • Due to weather conditions, the trails may not be groomed fresh every day.
  • Cross-country skiing at your own risk! No liability whatsoever is assumed.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the trails!

Cross-country skiing rules:

Respect for others - Every cross-country skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or harm others.

Signalling, running direction and running technique - Markings and signals (information signs) must be observed. On tracks and pistes, skiers must run in the direction and using the technique indicated.

Choice of track and piste - On double and multiple tracks you must run in the right-hand track. Cross-country skiers in groups must ski in the right-hand lane one behind the other. In free technique, skiers must skate on the right side of the track.

Overtaking - Overtaking is allowed on the right or left. The skier in front does not need to take evasive action. However, he should take evasive action if he can do so safely.

Oncoming traffic - In the event of an encounter, everyone must move to the right. The departing cross-country skier has priority.

Stick guidance - When overtaking, being overtaken and during encounters, the sticks are to be guided close to the body.

Adapting speed to conditions - Every cross-country skier must adapt his speed and behaviour to his ability, the terrain, the density of traffic and visibility, especially on downhill stretches. He must keep a sufficient safety distance from the skier in front. If necessary, he must drop to avoid a collision.

Keeping the tracks and pistes clear - Anyone who stops steps out of the track/piste. A fallen cross-country skier must clear the track/piste as quickly as possible.

Assistance - In the event of an accident, everyone is obliged to provide assistance.

Duty of identification - Everyone, whether a witness or a participant, whether responsible or not, must give their personal details in the event of an accident.

Cross-country skis, poles & boots, warm winter clothing, ideally layered, gloves, sunglasses possibly sun cream, drink, snack and bus timetable.

Hire of cross-country skiing equipment in the local sports shops.

lift parking space Achter Jet and Star Jet or at the parking space BBF-Center in the center of Flachau.

public "Postbus"

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