• Total Lokal – totally local


The future is local

The premise: local produce, smart farmers and a group of Flachau café and restaurant owners who are passionate about cooking and have a great idea. In the lead roles: a large portion of sustainability, a pot full of local inspiration and a generous pinch of creativity.

Creating alpine dishes from local produce is the vision of Flachau's restaurateurs. Their new signature dish is a culinary highlight that has featured on the menus of selected restaurants since the last winter season. Flachau beef is the star of the show.

Tickle your taste buds!

Last year, Flachau's restaurateurs launched their very own special dish: tender braised Flachau beef with root vegetables and "Serviettenknödel" dumplings. This delicious creation was based on a good old traditional speciality that many restaurants had served for years. This culinary treat has now been reinvented as "Total Lokal zwanzig20" and is reaching new heights.

All foodies can look forward to "Flachau beef 'geschnetzeltes' & baked sage polenta & pureed celeriac".

A seal of sustainability and excellence

The food bears a specially designed "Total Lokal" ("totally local") seal. This is Flachau restaurateurs' commitment to sourcing produce they use in their kitchens from local farms. Milk, eggs, cheese and meat from our farmers and bread from the local baker: this produce is not only sustainable, it is also of the highest quality.

"Everything we need is right here."

A key issue for Flachau producers is sustainability.

"The meat and other produce we use in our restaurants and hotels should not be travelling for miles when we have everything we need right here", says Hermann Oberreiter, a spokesman for the Flachauer Eventwirte catering business association and initiator of the "Total Lokal" project.

Green meadows and fresh spring water

Michael Schiefer, chairman of the Flachauer Landwirte farmers association, takes the firm view that the excellent quality of this produce is simply unbeatable. "We still have genuine, authentic farming practices; cows that spend the summer on the alpine pastures, eat nothing but green meadow grass and drink fresh spring water, and need no supplementary feed." Hermann Oberreiter even rates the quality of beef from cattle that live on the alp as better than organic.

The restaurateurs believe that visitors and locals alike will take a positive view of this valuable partnership between farmers and local businesses that is strengthening the region as a whole – and will taste the difference.

The courage to keep it simple

With the courage to keep things simple, local, seasonal and sustainable, Flachau's restaurateurs have the right approach. Cafés and restaurants are increasingly taking conscious steps to be more natural and local in their cuisine.

Flachau's restaurateurs, hoteliers and farmers want to treat visitors and locals alike to regional delicacies.

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Gourmet tips & information

Many Flachau businesses have committed to using produce from local Flachau farmers in their kitchens – that is what the "Total lokal" seal stands for. These delicacies are served by the following restaurants and hotels:

  • Restaurant Hoagascht
  • Dampfkessel
  • Herzerlalm
  • Hofstadl
  • Zum Holzwurm
  • Gourmethotel Montanara
  • Schüttalm (Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl ski resort)
  • Hotel & Wiaz'haus Winterbauer
  • Hotel Wieseneck

Several more establishments will soon also be featuring the new "Total Lokal" dish on their menus. Let us know how what you thought of it!