• 2 friends, 1 summit & finest powder!


Off to a new adventure!

"It's almost a tradition. Once a winter, you simply have to take your touring skis up to the Lackenkogel." I've heard this sentence many times before, so Hannah and I decided to conquer this mountain together with a guide.

 So off we went by car up to Berggasthof Sattelbauer, where we started our ski tour. When we reach the top, our guide Stefan is already waiting to join us on this tour.

First things first

©  Flachau Tourismus / Gerald Oberreiter

Before Hannah and I set off with our guide, a state-certified mountain and ski guide, we first get an introduction. We are handed our equipment - consisting of feather-light touring skis and boots, skins, poles and avalanche safety equipment (shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver) - and are informed about snow profiles, the formation of avalanches and how to use the avalanche transceiver. The most important rules when touring are: Never set off into the terrain without avalanche safety equipment and without an escort!

On your skis, ready, go!

The skins are put on and here we go! Don't lift your skis while walking, instead push them forward to save energy, is a great tip from Stefan, which is also burned into your memory relatively quickly. Our tour first takes us through the deep snow-covered forest. After the first 350 metres in altitude, we can already see the Lackenalmen. With steady moves in the track of the person in front of us, we then continue a little further up to the huts. There we take our first break. Surrounded by the untouched, fantastically beautiful winter landscape, we enjoy a cup of tea from the thermos flask in the bright sunshine. After that, we are already on our way again. Save your energy, we still have at least one hour of ascent ahead of us.

After a further time of walking uphill, Stefan shows us the snow profile. With his avalanche shovel he digs a cross-section through the snow cover down to the ground. With our fingers we check the consistency of the different snow layers and he explains to us how the different degrees of hardness can lead to tension and ultimately to the triggering of avalanches.

©  Flachau Tourismus / Gerald Oberreiter
©  Flachau Tourismus / Gerald Oberreiter
©  Flachau Tourismus / Gerald Oberreiter
©  Flachau Tourismus / Gerald Oberreiter

Let's go!

©  Flachau Tourismus / Gerald Oberreiter

One step forward, stick use, breathe, one step forward, stick use, breathe.... On and on, on and on. At the top we are simply overwhelmed by this unbelievably beautiful panorama and finally understand why it is an absolute "MUST" to stand at the summit of the Lackenkogel, even in winter.

A short rest, a warm tea and a small snack, then it's time to change our skis again, because soon we'll be heading downhill. Take off the skins, adjust the bindings and pack the rucksack. Now we are finally getting closer to the moment we have been looking forward to all along. The temperatures are fresh, but the view makes up for it. We take one last look at the surrounding mountains and then we start the long-awaited descent.

Each of us has enjoyed the ascent, but now the absolute highlight is about to begin. An unforgettable powder descent. The descent impresses with its untouched powder. The only thing that counts now is the line that Stefan sets for us. I surf the snow and make one turn after another until my thighs are burning.

Nice day on the Lackenkogel

Although it is ultimately only a single descent - it is absolute madness! A completely new experience and a great feeling to float over the natural snow as if you were riding on clouds. The silence and untouched nature off the slopes are amazing. This guided ski tour on the Lackenkogel was an experience I will never forget!