• Guided hiking tour "waterfall meets alpine cheese"

    Family Active Program
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Mountain bliss, natural spectacle and culinary delight!

We take the bus to Obertauern. From there we hike to an impressive natural spectacle, the “Johannes waterfall”. Then we walk across the Hirschwandsteig to the Scharfetthütte where we make a break. After the stop we go down to Flachauwinkl and take the bus back home to Flachau.

Tour info:

  • duration: 8 hours
  • walking time: 5 hours
  • altitude: 650
  • recommended minimum age: 7 years

Sport- & Aktivzentrum

Hermann-Maier-Platz 1
5542, Flachau
0043 6457 2214 aktivzentrum@flachau.com http://www.flachau.com



hiking bus 1€ each way
hiking boot rental possible

Suitable for

active people


minimum age (7 years)

Please bring with you

Flachau Summer Card
money for refreshments and bus trip
little snack
hiking boots


easy medium hard
parking spaces available
650 vertical meters
no registration required
independent of weather

FAQ / useful hints

Is registration required?
No - every Flachau guest can participate. Please stop by at the sports and active center (meeting point) shortly before the start of the hike so that we can scan your Flachau Sommer Card.

Are dogs allowed?
You are welcome to take your four-legged friend with you on the hiking tour. Don't forget: dog leash & poop in the bag!

Does the hike also take place in bad weather?
Yes! There is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing. ☺

Where can I get a Flachau Summer Card?
You get the Flachau Summer Card for free at your host if you stay for 2 nights or more in Flachau.


Sport- & Aktivzentrum
Hermann-Maier-Platz 1
5542 Flachau

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The joy of the mountains, the theatre of nature and culinary delights

Waterfall meets "almkas" adventure hike

Bist wia a wilds Wasser, des vom Berg owarinnt, wia a wilds Wasser, auf a Roas mi mitnimmt ...

Author: Simone Kaswurm

I'm lying in bed with a song by Austrian band Seer stuck in my head – about wild rapids rushing down from the mountain. I'm thinking about the trip I have planned for today. I jump out of bed full of energy and excitement. I can't wait to join the guided hike intriguingly titled "Wasserfall meets Almkas" (literally: "waterfall meets alpine cheese"...)

At 8:45 am I meet Herbert, our guide, and Constanze, who also works as a guide in the summer at the sports and outdoor activities centre. Most of the group has already arrived and a few people take advantage of the option to test a pair of climbing boots on the hike.

We grab our rucksacks and get going

©  (c) Simone Kaswurm / Flachau Tourismus

At 9:00 am we take the "Sportwelt" bus for Obertauern. Visitors pay just € 1.00 with the Flachau Summer Card and the bus is therefore a very cheap way to get to the starting point for today's hike, which is just outside Obertauern. The bus driver kindly lets us out before the official stop at the turnoff to the Johannes waterfall. There's some last-minute application of sunscreen, and our guide Herbert briefly explains what we can expect today.

The first – and very impressive – highlight of the day will be the Johannes waterfall. I'm really looking forward to finally seeing this amazing spectacle up close again. It takes us about 10 minutes from the starting point to reach the waterfall. Carefully, we descend the damp wooden steps and are soon admiring the Johannes waterfall in all its glory. We look on enthralled as the water thunders 60 m down into the depths. Many of us pull out our mobile phones or cameras to capture the sight. And hiking through behind the waterfall? I'm not the only one to find that pretty cool. We pause to enjoy the cool drops of water on our skin – today is to get pretty hot.

©  (c) Simone Kaswurm / Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Elisabeth Hartl / Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Elisabeth Hartl / Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus

Cows and alpacas on the Hirschwandsteig trail

We're soon heading off again as we still have a long way to go. The route takes us to Felseralm alp, where we encounter some rather unusual animals for this part of the world – alpacas! They normally live in the South American Andes, but these two creatures obviously feel at home with us. It's not just the children in our all-age group who have a lot of fun with the good-natured animals; the adults are quite taken with them too. We now head along the Hirschwandsteig trail through beautiful alpine pastures. The Hirschwandsteig takes its name from the rock face (the Hirschwand or "deer rock") beside the trail. Unfortunately, we do not spot any deer today.

You can still clearly hear the roar of the Johannes waterfall at some points and in some places even see it.

I bring up the rear of our group of hikers and make sure there are no stragglers. I love the mountains and spend a lot of time here, because hiking allows me to really switch off and leave everyday worries behind me. I am often in the hills on my own – which is all the more reason to enjoy the company and conversation today, and pace we have chosen is perfect for a sociable walk.

We take the odd break for a drink. Herbert tells us about the Alpine flowers, their uses and how they were used in the past, and which ones are poisonous and inedible to livestock.

Cow bells set the pace on this section of the route and the young cattle, who are spending a wonderful summer up on the alpine pastures, watch us curiously. The sun beams down and we glory in it and in the most magnificent view of the mountains you could possibly imagine.

©  (c) Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Flachau Tourismus

Staging post in sight

©  (c) Flachau Tourismus

The children are already tugging on their parents' t-shirts and asking when we will finally reach the alp. Soon, we can see the Scharfetthütte hut, which nestles in the Hafeichtalmen alpine pasture area. Elisabeth, the proprietor of the hut, gives us a warm welcome and rewards our hard work with a hearty snack: a "Brettljause" cold platter, "Kasjause" cheese snacks, "Bauernkrapfen" doughnuts, buttermilk... delicious!

And the Scharfetthütte has "Binoggl" – what the locals call binoculars – so we can soak in the magnificent panorama and watch the wild animals. Despite the heat, we are lucky enough to spot some marmots (or "Mangei" as they say here). We'll have plenty of stories to tell when we get home!

Happy and well-fed, we leave the alp and hike downhill towards Flachauwinkl. The Sportweltbus bus takes us back to the starting point in Flachau. We will remember this wonderful day for a long time, and I am determined to do this hike regularly.

©  (c) Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Flachau Tourismus

As they say: "Auf der Alm, da gibt's keine Sünd" (there's no sin on the alp)

... just a lot of great food – MMMMMMHHHH!