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    Winter activities
Skiing in its original form

Untouched powder snow, cloudless skies and an impressive landscape make you want to ski in its original form. On the beginner's tour you will get to know this great trend sport from scratch and enjoy the first ascents and altitude meters in a dreamlike scenery.

Duration: 2 hours

Almlust GmbH

Flachauer Straße 275
5542, Flachau
0043 6457 319 58 info@almlust.com http://www.almlust.com



avalanche safety equipment
ski touring equipment

Suitable for

active people
mountain friends


minimum age (12 years)

Please bring with you

ski helmet
Ski touring outfit or ski suit


easy medium hard
parking spaces available
registration required

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Important price information:
Price for one person (basic price): € 152,-
Price for each additional person: € 28,-


Almlust Aktiv
Flachauer Straße 275
5542 Flachau

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2 friends, 1 peak and the finest powder!

Off to a new adventure!

“It’s already almost a tradition. Once a winter you just have to get up onto the Lackenkogel with touring skis.” I have already been hearing this said quite often, and so Hannah and I have decided that we too, together with a guide, will conquer this mountain.

So we get in the car, and off and up we go to the Berggasthof Sattelbauer, the mountain inn where we start our skiing tour. When we arrive up there, Stefan, our guide, is already waiting – today, he is going to be mastering this tour together with us. 

First things first

©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus

Before Hannah and I set off with our certified mountain and ski guide, we are first given an introduction. We are handed our equipment – consisting of feather-light touring skis and shoes, skins, sticks, and avalanche safety gear (shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver) – and informed about snow profiles, the forming of avalanches, and how to handle the avalanche transceiver. The most important rules for touring are: Never head off into the country alone or without avalanche safety gear!

On your skis, ready, go!

The skins are pulled on and off we go! A great tip from Stefan, and one that soon burns itself into our memories, is not to lift the skis when walking but instead to save energy by sliding them forwards. Our tour first takes us through the deeply snow-covered forest. After the first 350 metres of elevation gain we can already see the pastures of the Lackenalm. Making regular movements in the tracks of the person in front, we then go a little further up to the huts. There we take our first break. Surrounded by the unspoilt, gorgeous winter landscape, in the brilliant sunshine, we enjoy a cup of tea from the thermos flask. Then it is already time for us to move on. We need to save our strength; after all, there is still at least an hour’s ascent ahead of us.

After going further uphill for a while, Stefan shows us the snow profile. Using his avalanche shovel, he digs a cross section through the snow cover to the ground. With our fingers, we check the consistency of the different layers of snow, and he explains to us how the varying degrees of hardness can lead to tension and ultimately the triggering of avalanches.

©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus
©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus

And on we go!

©  (c) Gerald Oberreiter / Flachau Tourismus

One step forward, sticks, breathe, one step forward, sticks, breathe... Further and further we go. When we arrive at the top we are plain overwhelmed by this incredibly beautiful panorama and finally understand why, even in winter, it is an absolute “MUST” to stand on the summit of the Lackenkogel.

A short rest, a warm tea, and a little snack, and then it is time to adapt our skis again, because soon we will be making the descent. Skins are pulled off, bindings re-adjusted, and rucksacks packed. Now we are finally approaching the moment we have been looking forward to the whole time. The temperatures may be fresh, but the view compensates us for this. We take one last look at the alpine world around us and then we start the eagerly awaited descent.

Each of us has enjoyed the ascent, but now we have come to the absolute highlight. An unforgettable powder descent. This untouched powder on this descent is captivating. The only thing that counts now is the line that Stefan sets for us. I surf on the snow and make one swing after another until my thighs are burning.

Powder day at Lackenkogel

Although in the end it is just a single descent – it is absolutely unbelievable! A completely new experience and great feeling of floating on the natural snow, like skiing on clouds. The silence and the unspoilt nature away from the pistes are amazing. This guided skiing tour onto the Lackenkogel was an experience that I will never forget!