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Spring Battle at Shuttleberg

from 03.03.2024 to 08.03.2024

Once again, SpringBattle 2024 will be welcoming the world’s best women and men in freeskiing and snowboarding, as well as anyone who wants to compete against them. Unlike any other contest, SpringBattle offers plenty of time for the competitors to film their very best riding possible throughout the full duration of the event. The best clips of the submitted slopestyle runs and individual tricks will be judged by a board of international and WSF judges by the end of the week.

Slope Style
March 3rd-5th Qualifikationsrunde
March 6th-7th Finale @AbsolutPark SpringBattle Slopestyle Course

Best trick rail
March 3rd-6th @AbsolutPark RailYard

Best 540
March 3rd-6th @AbsolutPark SpringBattle Slopestyle Course

The Springbattle setup is open from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the specified days.


Eventvenue / Meeting point

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Spring Battle

The absolute highlight in the freestyle scene

Since its introduction in 2002, the SpringBattle at AbsolutPark has impressed with its innovative and dynamically changing event format. A competition that is constantly evolving and follows the latest trends.

©  (c) Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

This year at SpringBattle we are going back to our origins and bringing back slopestyle as the central discipline of the competition! A complete run from top to bottom, embedded in the Pro Kicker Line of the AbsolutPark. The slopestyle competition is officially recognized by the WSF and is considered an elite level event of the WSPL.

In addition to Slopestyle, we also offer two other competition categories: 'Best Trick Rail', with a special rail setup directly on the Pro Kicker Line, and 'Best 540', where participants worldwide can take part via our online platform. The prize money for this year is an incredible 110,000 US dollars!

©  (c) Markus Rohrbacher / Shuttleberg GmbH & Co KG
©  (c) Markus Rohrbacher / Shuttleberg GmbH & Co KG
©  (c) Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park
©  (c) Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

At SpringBattle 2024, we will once again be welcoming the elite of freeskiers and snowboarders, both men and women. And of course we also welcome each and every one of you who would like to compete with the top riders. Unlike other events, the SpringBattle gives athletes plenty of time to film their best runs throughout the event. A selection of the most outstanding slopestyle runs or tricks will be judged at the end of the week by a panel of professional ski and snowboard judges.

What awaits you at Spring Battle 2024

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