Give your creativity free rein: there are no bounds to freedom in Austria's biggest snowpark!

    GO WILD!

    Give your creativity free rein: there are no bounds to freedom in Austria's biggest snowpark!


Absolut Park

Let's have fun! Snowboarders and freeskiers are in good hands here – no matter what your level, from beginner to pro, you will find everything your freestyler heart desires. The Absolut Park in Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl is not only the biggest snow park in Austria, it is now also one of the largest and most famous snow parks in Europe.


Absolut Park: number one for freestyle fans in Austria

<p>Absolut Park is the playground for all freestylers</p> ©

Absolut Park is the playground for all freestylers

What to expect

<p>The Absolutpark at Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl offers lots of obstacles for snowboarders and freeskiers.</p> © Flachau Tourismus

The park extends over 1.5 km and is divided into seven sections: Kicker Line, Rail Yard, Beginner/Medium Line, Rail/Halfpipe Line, Jib Park, Cross Run and The Stash. The more than 100 obstacles are maintained daily by a professional shape crew to create the perfect conditions.


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Kicker Line

Five kickers in a row – this is also where the famous Spring Battle takes place.


Rail Yard

Take on all imaginable rails and jib obstacles, which are constantly being rearranged in new and creative ways.


Beginner/Medium Line

The ideal section for honing your skills and practising new tricks before moving on to the larger obstacles.


Rail/Halfpipe Line

Jib Park

Cross Run

The Stash

„The woods are the goods“

The Stash is a park concept invented by Jake Burton and the snowboard legend Craig Kelly himself. Working on the principle that "the woods are the goods", it's not about perfectly groomed slopes or carefully shaped obstacles. Instead, riders need to bring their creative A-game.

The terrain also has plenty of opportunities for natural jibs and powder runs.

Tip for kids and beginners: the Lil' Stash is an ideal terrain to start freestyling with its wide, simple wooden boxes and rails.