By fatbike through the snow or on a Segway up the mountain? In Flachau you decide what the day brings!




    By fatbike through the snow or on a Segway up the mountain? In Flachau you decide what the day brings!




Fun sports in winter - the ideal add-on to skiing

On and off the slopes there is a great choice of different fun sports activities.
Real fun is guaranteed!


Lucky Flitzer - Action for all

<p>The Lucky Flitzer promises fun and adventure for everyone. The cool alpine roller coaster in Flachau is also open in the evening under floodlights</p> © Flachau Tourismus

Do you want a thrill? Then a ride on the alpine roller coaster Lucky Flitzer is just the thing for you. Take the roller coaster lift up to the top of this unique alpine roller coaster ride! And then? Then it's all downhill from here - but on rails, 1.100 meters long, 5 loops and 2 jumps are waiting for you and wintery Flachau is lying below you.



Floodlit Lucky Flitzer

When evening falls in Flachau, that doesn't mean that you just go to sleep. Lucky Flitzer, the alpine roller coaster, offers fun and action even with floodlights until 7 p.m.
Have fun!

Segway in winter - casual but fun

<p>A fun Segway tour through the snowy winter landscape provides variety in the winter vacation.</p> © Flachau Tourismus

If you've already tried Segway in summer then you probably have already developed a feeling for this "moving sport device". Even in winter Segway works normally. The "driving" feeling on snow is unique and the winter landscape in Flachau has a special charm. Large wheels with good tread ensure you make good progress in the snow!

What can you expect from a guided Segway winter tour in Flachau? First your guide will let you get acquainted with the Segway - then you will have a few trial runs and then off you go! On cleared or flattened paths you can discover the wintery Flachau valley.

Discover fun on the slopes with snow bikes

<p>Snowbiken ist eine geniale Alternative für ultimativen Pistenspaß.</p> © Flachau Tourismus

Snow biking is an exhilarating combination of biking and skiing. It's a different way to carve, cruise or drift. And the best thing about it is: you can learn it relatively quickly and simply. A short workshop with a professional trainer is enough and you're ready for the slopes. Unforgettable holiday highlights are waiting for you and your friends.


Fatbiking experiences in the snow

<p>Fatbiken in Flachau</p> © Flachau Tourismus

Tyres of up 4,8 inch and air pressure around 0,5 bar make trendy Fat Biking possible even in winter. Give it a try here in Flachau, all you need is sports clothes and good shoes. Our guides make sure you will have a special biking experience in snow.