Stoneman Taurista

The Route

+++ ATTENTION – current (snow) information about the route +++

Due to the current snow situation, the checkpoint Oberhütte is moved to Vögeialm.

The ascent Vögeialm – Oberhütte – Seekarscharte Obertauern is closed! We will bring the participants free of charge by bike shuttle from the checkpoint Forstau to Obertauern (Zehnerkar or Passhöhe).
Entry at route section Obertauern – Johanneswassersfall.

From 17th of June the checkpoint will be moved back to the Oberhütte. The crossing Oberhütte – Seekarscharte – Obertauern will probably remain closed due to the snow situation. The bike shuttle remains!

Re-routing of the Stoneman Taurista

Exclusively for the 2020 & 2021 season, the track  deviates from its origin. While facing the same 4500m vertical, you’ll experience an entirely new section. Due to constructions works between Flachau and Wagrain, the checkpoints Grießenkar and Edelweiß-Alm as well as the bikepark Wagrain won’t be part of the the track. Instead, there will be a new checkpoint: Following the climb of the Ginausattel noth of Wagrain, the track ascends to the peak of the scenic Hochgründeck at an altitude of 1800 meters. Traversing Eben im Pongau the track leads back to the original route.

Icon Kilometer 134 KM
Icon- Höhenmeter 4.500 HM

Checkpoints: Hochgründeck, Rossbrand, Mandlberg, Forstau, Oberhütte, Johannesfall, Sattelbauer



Icon Kilometer 66 KM
Icon- Höhenmeter 2.355 HM

Checkpoints: Hochgründeck, Rossbrand, Mandlberg


Icon Kilometer 68 KM
Icon- Höhenmeter 2.145 HM

Checkpoints: Forstau, Oberhütte, Johannesfall, Sattelbauer



Icon Kilometer 40 KM
Icon- Höhenmeter 1.300 HM

Checkpoints: Hochgründeck


Icon Kilometer34 KM
Icon- Höhenmeter 1.450 HM

Checkpoints: Rossbrand, Mandlberg, Sattelbauer


Icon Kilometer 60 KM
Icon- Höhenmeter 1.750 HM

Checkpoints: Forstau, Oberhütte, Johannesfall

If you go silver or bronze, the Enns Cycle Path is suitable as a transfer route. It runs from Flachau to Mandling (about 20 km). The Enns Cycle Path is marked in the official route map that accompanies each starter package.