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Hermann Maier:
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Hermann Maier's slope tip

Selectively chosen and magnificent for Carving

Hermann Maier world cup run in Flachau
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Hermann's favourite spot

Tranquility and nature in the meadows

Switch off, relax, unwind and take a break from everyday life
Hermann Maier's favourite spot »
Hermann Maier's summit tip for hiking
Hermann Maier on the Grießenkareck with scenic view Hermann Maier on the Grießenkareck 1,991m
Hermann Maier about "Feeling on top of the world"
"The sky’s above you and the Flachau valley’s below you at your feet, you feel as free as a bird, as if you were without a care in the world. You can absorb nature and breathe in the lovely fresh mountain air and enjoy the silence....my own mountain Grießenkareck offers all of that. After you reach a certain height it seems as if everything is different. Everyone is more relaxed and you meet people in a good mood who are all enjoying the feeling of being on the summit and the widescreen panoramic view of the mountains."
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