Skiing tips from Hermann Maiers
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Hermann Maier:
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Hermann's favourite spot

Tranquility and nature in the meadows

Switch off, relax, unwind and take a break from everyday life
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Hermann Maier's summit tip

Hike to the Grießenkareck 1,991 m

Standing on top of the world and enjoy the amazing panorama!
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Hermann Maier's slope tip
Hermann Maier World Cup run - individual and great for Carving Hermann Maier World Cup run - individual and great for carving
Hermann Maier about his favourite run
"The slope is not really crowded and it’s varied too - at the beginning it's demanding, then slightly flatter, ideal for some great carving turns" And if you do it all in one run from the top down to the village then your quads will be burning by the time you reach the bottom. A real world-cup feeling! But don't forget: safety first! Enjoy it!"