Street Workout

from 01.07.2023 to 05.09.2023

All guests from Flachau watch out - free with Flachau Summer Card!

The new Calisthenics Park in Flachau offers a wide variety of training options for classic bodyweight training to freestyle calisthenics, cross training or gymnastics.

Calisthenics - also known as Street Workout, Body Weight Exercise or tension exercises, calisthenic training is the original form of performance enhancement. Streetworkout as well as Freeletics are a form of calisthenic training and use almost exclusively their own body weight. Basic exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and dips are part of the standard repertoire.

Whether beginner or professional - calisthenics offers everyone an exciting sports experience.

Duration: 1 hour


Eventvenue / Meeting point

Sport- & Aktivzentrum Flachau

Hermann-Maier-Platz 1
5542, Flachau
0043 6457 2214 info@flachau.com http://www.flachau.com

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Sport- & Aktivzentrum Flachau