Concert of Flachau's traditional brass band in Reitdorf

at 25.08.2023 , Friday

The Reitdorf musicians from the Flachau and Altenmarkt bands invite you to this great "music mix".

First of all, some important background information to be able to understand the name "Reitdorfer-Musi-Mix" at all. Reitdorf belongs to the municipality of Altenmarkt. Therefore, many of the musicians living in Reitdorf are active members of the Trachtenmusikkapelle Altenmarkt. Of course, there are also genuine Reitdorfer who proudly wear the uniform of the Flachau music band. So it's all the better when the Reitdorf musicians meet for a joint, colourful concert at the fountain in Reitdorf. You don't see or rather hear something like this every day. An absolute highlight for all brass music lovers.

Admission to the "Musi-Mix" is free for visitors.
Good catering is provided for the guests.


Eventvenue / Meeting point

Zentrum Reitdorf - Dorfbrunnen

Zentrum Reitdorf - Dorfbrunnen
5542, Flachau

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