• Wagrain-Kleinarl Loipe (55)

Duration 45min
Length 5.37km
Max Altitude 1010m
Ascent 170m
descent 60m

Wagrain-Kleinarl trail is a moderately difficult trail that leads from the Spannberg approx. 1km from Wagrain in the direction of Kleinarl directly to the village of Kleinarl

The Wagrain-Kleinarl cross-country ski trail (5.5km) starts at the Spannberg (bus stop) - is a medium-difficulty route and connects directly to the Jägerseeloipe 5.5km (easy or moderate). There are refreshment stops along the trail. If you don't want to drive back yourself afterwards, you can get on the bus at numerous bus stops.

Classic and skating track

currently closed
Best season

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Rules of conduct for cross-country skiers

  1. Consideration of the others - Every cross-country skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or harm anyone else.
  2. Signals, direction of walking and running technique - markings and signals (signs) must be observed. Cross-country trails and slopes must be run in the direction and technique indicated.
  3. Choice of track and slope - Double and multiple tracks must be used in the right-hand lane. Cross-country skiers in groups must run one behind the other in the right lane. In free running technique, one must run on the right side of the piste.
  4. Overtaking - Overtaking is allowed on the right or left. The front runner does not need to swerve. But he should avoid it if he can safely.
  5. Oncoming traffic - Everyone has to move to the right when they meet. The downhill cross-country skier has priority.
  6. Stick guidance - When overtaking, being overtaken and in encounters, the sticks must be kept close to the body.
  7. adapt to traffic density and visibility. He must keep a sufficient safety distance to the front runner. If necessary, he must let himself fall to prevent a collision.
  8. Keeping the trails and slopes clear - if you stop, you step out of the trail

Depending on the type of run, skating skis or classic skis, cross-country bindings, cross-country boots and cross-country sticks, comfortable clothes for running.

There is a small parking lot at the starting point of the Wagrain-Kleinarl cross-country ski trail or at the entrance to Kleinarl next to the signpost


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