• Amadé Alpine Hut-Tour 2

    Amadé Alpine Hut-Tour 2

Duration 22h
Length 47.72km
Max Altitude 2091m
Ascent 3360m
descent 3490m
> Flachau, Altenmarkt- Zauchensee, Radstadt, Filzmoos
> Lenght: 6 days, 4 overnight stays in the valley and 1 overnight in an alpine hut
> Total: 22 hours walking time
Day 1: Arrival in Flachau and overnight stay.

Day 2: Drive to Flachauwinkl - ascent to the Südwienerhütte - overnight stay.

Day 3: Südwienerhütte back to Hafeichtenkapelle - to the small Bärenstaffel - Rauchkopfhütte - descent to Zauchensee - overnight stay.

Day 4: From Zauchensee to the Strimskogel - on to the Brandkopf - descent to Radstadt - overnight stay.

Day 5: From Radstadt - to the Rossbrand - descent via the Moosalm - to Filzmoos - overnight stay.

Day 6: Transfer to Flachau - return journey.

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Day 1: Arrival in Flachau, 927m. Overnight stay in Flachau.

Day 2: Journey with the Sportwelt- bus to Flachauwinkl until the bus stop Flachauwinkl Gasthofalm. Exit along the forest road then walk across the Unterpleissling huts and along the hiking path to the Südwienerhütte (1802m). Starting point for more individual smaller tours (Spirzing 2066m, Spazeck 2065m, Hengst 2074m). Overnight stay at the Südwienerhütte. Walking time around 3 hours (without extra tours), approx. 700m ascent.

Day 3: From the Südwienerhütte back to the Hafeichtenkapelle (small church) (1640m). Along Hafeichtscharte (1838m) to the kleine Bärenstaff (2013m). Descend across the Strimshütte to Zauchensee (1339m). Overnight stay in Zauchensee. Walking time about 5,5 - 6,5 hours, approx 900m ascent and 1000m descent.

Day 4: From Zauchensee to Strimskogel (2139m) and across the Hintere Labeneck (1986m) to Brandkopf (1753m). Descend to Radstadt (856m). Overnight stay in Radstadt. Part of the Salzburger Almenweg. Walking time about 5,5 - 6,5 hours, approx. 1000m ascent and 1400m descent.

Day 5: From Radstadt along the Salzbuger Almenweg to the Bürgerbergalm (1172m) to the Rossbrand (1770m). Panoramic view of more than 150 mountain peaks. Descend to Filzmoos (1055m) via the Moosalm (1330m). Part of the Salzburger Almenweg. Overnight stay in Filzmoos. Walking time about 5 - 6 hours. approx 900m ascent and 800m descent.

Day 6: Transfer to Flachau - retutn journey.

Planning & preparation: Precise tour planning is recommended before every mountain tour. Information from local experts such as mountain guides or hut keepers as well as hiking maps will help you.

Check the weather forecast: A must-do before every hike. The weather can change unexpectedly in the mountains. Keep an eye on the current weather conditions at: www.zamg.ac.at.

Important tips:

o Do not overestimate yourself

o Manage your strength and endurance well

o assess your surefootedness and head for heights

o Do not step on stones

o turn around in good time if the weather changes

Mountain rescue number: The telephone number 140 is the emergency number for alpine accidents in Austria.

The basic equipment of a hiker includes:

o sturdy, high shoes with a grippy sole

o suitable mountain clothing

o enough to drink

o snacks for in-between

o sunglasses, sunscreen or rain protection if necessary

o mobile phone

o walking sticks

o First aid kit

With Sportwelt- bus to Flachauwinkl bus- stop 'Gasthofalm'.

From June to September, the Sportweltbus is the ideal shuttle service for your hiking tours in the entire region (Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann-Alpendorf, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben, Filzmoos, Obertauern, Großarl & Hüttschlag).

With the Flachau Summer Card you can use the Sportweltbus for only Euro 1,00 per person and route. Children under 6 years travel free!

More information at: https://www.flachau.com/en/more/information/sportweltbus.html

Further connections: www.salzburg-verkehr.at

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