Procession of the traditional clubs of Flachau

at 29.07.2023 , Saturday

Like every year, the parade of the associations is scheduled for the end of July. It is time for our marksmen, the local history society, the musicians and many other club members to get into their traditional costumes. The Schnalzer are putting the finishing touches to decorating their horses. Meanwhile, the first spectators line the streets. The colourful procession, led by the Trachtenmusikkapelle, sets off from the Alter Jagdhof. Everywhere you can see your fingers on the photo button to capture the most beautiful impressions. It is best to cover your ears for a moment during the salutes. The marksmen's company lets it rip.

Afterwards, the Flachau fire brigade invites you to the legendary twilight pint at their fire station. The mood immediately rises with a lively concert by the music band. Of course, the best catering is provided.

Traditional parade of our associations. Followed by a fire brigade festival with a concert by the Trachtenmusikkapelle Flachau.


29.07.2023 - 19:00

Eventvenue / Meeting point

Flachau-Zentrum & Feuerwehrhaus Flachau

Flachau-Zentrum & Feuerwehrhaus Flachau

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