live music "Badhäusl-Musi" at Dampfkessel

from 10.01.2024 to 20.03.2024

A few years ago, the Badhäuslmusi was born out of a spontaneous cloak-and-dagger campaign when we were urgently looking for a music band. Over time the line-up changed, some members left the group, but new ones were also added who had a preference for Oberkrainer music. So the Badhäuslmusi eventually developed into a group that offers good humor and entertaining music. Nowadays we play a varied selection of music, including Tanzlmusi, Oberkrainer melodies, old hits (because Max can sing them great), Weisn (due to a recommendation to take the flugelhorns with you) and well-known trio pieces. And we like to tell jokes between musical performances.


Eventvenue / Meeting point

Dampfkessel - Weitgasser

Flachauer Straße 233
5542, Flachau
0043 664 1312226 info@dampfkessel.at http://www.dampfkessel.at

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