39th Flachau Traditional Market

at 15.09.2024 , Sunday

Farmers' market with lots of handicrafts, culinary delights, music and above all, good humour.

For lovers of genuine traditional handicrafts, the Flachau farmers' market is a fixed point. You can even look over the shoulders of some of our artists as they work. It's interesting to see how they make straw slippers or how a unique sculpture is created from a piece of wood. Right next door there is the smell of fresh bacon, sausages and cheese. You can't pass by without getting one or two delicacies wrapped up. How about a homemade liqueur, a nice-smelling soap or a jar of jam as a present? Because it's clear that everyone is happy about something "homemade". Especially the freshly prepared delicacies of our Flachau farmers' wives attract many visitors. The traditional Krapfen (doughnuts) are highly recommended. Of course, musical delights are not to be missed at our farmers' market.

 "Nothing goes without music".


15.09.2024 - 11:00

Eventvenue / Meeting point


vor dem Festsaal
5542, Flachau
+43 (0) 6457 2214 https://www.flachau.com

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