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Bike Night Flachau

20. - 22.08.2021
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Terms for participating in the Bike Night Flachau
 These terms and conditions of participation are valid on the 21st of August 2021 during the “Bike Night Flachau”.

 All participants have to be 18 years old at the time of the racing date (due date 20.8.2003).
  •  The participant has to wear a helmet during the race and the qualifying!
  •  We recommend a medical inspection before the participation!
  •  The Bike Night Flachau is a race during the night. For better visibility we recommend to use an additional artificial light on your bike during the race!
Entry fee:
  • until 30th of June 2021: EUR 35,00
  • 1st of July – 19th of August 2021: EUR 40,00
  • on the  21st of August 2021: EUR 45,00
Registrations on the racing day are possible until 6.30 pm the race office!
The participant realizes that the promoters, organizers and sponsors will take absolutely no responsibility for damages and injuries which the competitor suffers. The participant explicitly states that he/she will make no claims whatever against those referred to in case of damage or injury. He/she is willing to undergo controls by order of the competition jury.
All participants need a sufficient insurance (accepted in Austria) for the race. He/she is insured against consequences (damage to persons and property) resulting from accidents.
Every participant gets his/her starting equipment (starting number, information, etc.) only if he/she is registered (personal signature on the registration form) and has paid the entry fee (online via Abavent or cash on location). The participation with a starting number of another participant is not allowed and causes a disqualification.
The participant has to wear his starting number at any time and for everybody visible during the race and the qualifying (on the back and handle bar).
These are the different categories:
Age- groupe 2003 -1982, respectively women and men
Age –groupe 1981 and older, respectively women and men
The participants have to follow the road traffic regulations (particularly the StVO 1960) at any time during the inspection of the course, the qualifying as well as the race and have to obey the orders of the supervisors. 
Wrongdoings are punished by the executive authorities and cause a disqualification.
Other users of the road are not to be hindered from the participants – except from orders of the supervisors.
Particularly a column of vehicles of attendants has to be prevented.
The whole course is not closed to the ordinary traffic and the participant has to reckon with oncoming traffic at any time. The executive can cancel the race due to a wrongdoing of a participant, which may cause a general danger to others. The host and the team of the organisation will control any compliance.
Vehicles of attendants are forbidden on the course. – Disregarding causes the disqualification of the participant. Provisions (from attendants) can only be made at the catering station (KM 0,55) next to the Hofstadl (Hofgasse 232).  We request not to throw away garbage (except at the disposal-zone).
There is a repair station in the centre as well as a “Do-it-yourself”-station at the catering station. All spare parts have to be paid directly.
The participation with an e-bike or pedelec is not permitted and causes a disqualification.
The host has the right to change the race (time limit, shortcuts, etc.) due to bad weather conditions. In dangerous situations the host has the right to cancel the race. In that case, the participant has no right to get the entry fee back. If a participant cannot attend the race, he/she has no right to get the entry fee refunded. The entry fee of one participant cannot be transferred to another participant.
The participant agrees to the publications of photos & videos of the competition as well as personal data (for the ranking list). Further he/she agrees to a possible communication (newsletter, SMS) between the host and a third party (timing enterprise, executive authorities) and the participants.
 The participant has to wear a helmet during the race and the qualifying!