Audi FIS Ski World Cup Race in Flachau, Salzburg, Austria
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morning 8°C Temperature 8°C
Sunshine 50%
Freezing level 2900



afternoon 12°C Temperature 12°C
Sunshine 30%
Freezing level 2700


We will see another day of sunshine and clouds today. A weak front, which will not influence our weather very much, however, will bring us slightly less sunshine than yesterday. There may also be showers.

Last update: 23.09.2017



Monday 12°C Temperature 12°C
Sunshine 40%
Freezing level 2800



Tuesday 14°C Temperature 14°C
Sunshine 50%
Freezing level 3100


Trend Temperature
Freezing level


On Monday and Tuesday the sky will be partly clear, partly cloudy. During the second half of the day the risk of showers and thunderstorms will be present.

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snow space Salzburg
snow space Salzburg
Organising committee Audi FIS Ski World Cup Flachau
OC Audi FIS Ski World Cup Flachau Team for the Ski World Cup Flachau
President Dir. Alex Reiner
Vice President KommR Ernst Brandstätter
Eugen Fischbacher
Bgm. Thomas Oberreiter
Office Mag. Andreas Fischbacher
Representatives from the ASVG Dr. Klaus Leistner
Rupert Steger
Birigt Pilotto
FIS Chief Race Director Atle Skaardal
FIS Race Director Markus Mayr
Technical Delegate Elisabeth Rasp (GER)
Sports Committee Manuela Riegler
Daniel Kaml
Race Director Martin Traninger

Deputy Race Director

Rudolf Weitgasser
Race Office Mag. (FH) Elisabeth Scharfetter
Renate Hagenhofer

Course Director

Thomas Aicher

Deputy Race Director

Johann Traninger
Head of the ski run Hans Fischbacher

Head of timekeeping

Patrick Monuth
Head of Calculation Josef Weitgasser

Head of Gates

Erwin Lackner

Starting Judge

Georg Buchsteiner

Head of Materials

Franz Goldner

Race Doctor

Primar DDr. Anton Wicker
Dr. Harald Breitfuß

Emergency Services

Lukas Perner (Bergrettung Flachau)
Gerhard Wechselberger (Rotes Kreuz Radstadt)

WWP Agency

Hannes Rinderer
Marketing Mag. Bettina Plank MBA
Ceremony Director Herbert Mösenbichler
Stadium Speaker Stefan Steinacher
Didi Ziesel
Press Press Director Mag. Josef Schmid
Mag. Bettina Plank MBA
Elisabeth Hartl

Financial Expert

Josef Wimmreuter
Hermann Thurner


Simone Kaswurm


Peter Oberreiter

Construction, slopes, floodlights

Anton Kirchgasser
Helmut Ellmer
Karl Doppler
Josef Schiefer
Richard Oberreiter

Operation Controllers (Authority/Police)

Mag. Roman Mair (District Police Headquarters)
DI Andreas Höll (District Police Headquarters)
Mjr. Thomas Winkler

Traffic Management

Mjr. Thomas Winkler (Police)
AbtInsp. Matthias Grünwald (Police)
GrInsp. Manfred Nagl (Police Slope)
OFK Christian Lackner (Fire Brigade)
Gunter Walcher (Security)
Markus Schreiber (Security)
Security co-ordinator Gerald Oberauer
Side events Josef Goldner
Wilfried Hartl
Matthias Warter
Johann Weitgasser
Thomas Weitgasser
Martin Stifter (co-ordinator)
Jury Atle Skaardal (FIS Chief Race Director)
Markus Mayr (FIS Race Director)
Elisabeth Rasp (Technical Delegate)
Martin Traninger (Race Director)